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“ The Northcoast “ of the Dominican Republic

The Northcoast of the Dominican Republic is a most beautiful area
between tropical mountains and the Ocean with it’s gorgeous Beaches
in the North of the Dominican Republic.
The whole Cabarete/Sosua/Puerto-Plata/Northcoast Area is great for
vacations, to live, business and retirement.

The Northcoast is a great area to live and spend vacations

Guest and Expatriates from all over the World have been traveling
great distances to discover its swaying palms, tropical climate and crystal waters.
It is quickly becoming one of the most respected and enjoyable destinations.
Great beaches, good infra structure, personal safety and above all
friendly people make a stay here a sublime Caribbean experience!

The Northcoast is a great area for Business & Investments

The Dominican Republic is visited by more then 6 million tourists annually.
The government plans to double this figure over the next five years
and is opening its border to foreign investments by liberalizing trade,
establishing tax breaks and other incentives. What this means:
The Northcoast Area is now great for Business and Investments too!

Information about Cabarete-Beach, Sosua & Puerto Plata

Cabarete-Beach is a protected, fine-sanded beach, which is ideal
for year round swimming. it is recognized as one of the Caribbean’s 
top location for Watersport like Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Sailing,
Surf and much more.
Next to the incredible variety of sport and adventure opportunities
you can
enjoy relaxing, tropical beach vacation !!!
for detailed information check: > info Cabarete-Beach

Sosua is only about 15 minutes away from Cabarete and is renowned for its
beautiful beach as well as for the numerous shops, restaurants,
cafes and night clubs.
for detailed information check: > info Sosua

Puerto Plata is the capital of the Province with the same name.
It is only
30 minutes away from Cabarete.
Puerto Plata is arguably the most beautiful city in the whole Caribbean
and is growing touristically as a cruise ship destination [since October 2015]
which will advertise the whole Puerto Plata Province even more!
Puerto Plata is famous for It’s old Victorian Style houses, nice shops,
two Golf Courses and many other attractions and
is big for shopping
and strolling through the City or along the great “Malecon”

for detailed information check: > info Puerto-Plata

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